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Join an Expath German course at Your Company!

We're proud to provide German courses to all Your Company employees. We offer a wide spectrum of levels which you can join online.

Looking forward to see you in class soon!

Step One

Take The Placement Test

We need to find out your course level so we can group you with the rigth conversation partners. If you're an absolute beginner you can skip this step and read further.

Step Two

Pick Your Course

Found out your German level? Now let's book a course that works for you!

On the booking site click on the title of your course to receive more information about training materials, schedule, and more.

Step Three

Register and Join the Class

Click the registration button, enter your information and enjoy the class!

We'll send you an invite via email one week before the course starts to get you set up with your book, and give the Zoom link for your first lesson.

Expath German Courses

Special German Courses

Are you interested in an exclusive course with your team members? We'd love to organize that for you. The cost of the course will vary depending on the number of participants – the more people will join, the less each of you will pay.

Help us organize this special course! Find seven to ten colleagues who want to join the class, make sure you're all at the same skill level (take our placement test if you're unsure) and get in touch. We'll take care of the rest.


For Non-Employee Partners

If you have a partner who doesn't work at Your Company but would like to take German classes with us, they are very welcome to join one of our group online courses.

They can use the discount code YOURCOMP2021 at the checkout and get a 10% discount for the course.


Got Something to Tell Us?

If you have questions or suggestion for us, feel free to get in touch.