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German Courses You’ll Love

Forget boring courses: Our teachers make learning fun and will have you speaking in no time.

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Course Offer

What Makes Our Courses so Different?

We offer twice-a-week evening courses as well as intensive morning courses, online and in-person at one of our schools in Berlin.

Putting speaking first

We believe the best way to learn a language is to speak it. That’s why our courses emphasize speaking, letting you learn the grammar as you move along.

Practical approach

We don't teach for the test, we teach for life. Our lessons are designed around your actual needs, so that you can use the newly learned content the moment you step outside after the course.

Our Courses

We Have a Course That Works for You

Online Courses Icon

Online Courses

Our motivated teachers make learning both fun and effective. We offer online courses for all levels.

  1. 1.5 hour lessons

  2. Small groups (avg. 8)

  3. Held via Zoom

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One-to-One Courses Icon

One-to-One Courses

One-to-one courses are tailored perfectly to your needs.

  1. 1.5 hour lessons

  2. Bring your partner at no extra cost

  3. Held via Zoom

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In-Person Courses

Already in Germany? We offer German courses at our language schools in Berlin.

  1. 2 or 3 hours lessons

  2. Small groups (max. 8)

  3. At our locations in Mitte & Neukölln

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Summer School

Take your German from confused to confident with our intensive summer courses.

  1. A1.1 in 5 days, higher levels in 10 days

  2. After-class activities

  3. Make friends in Berlin

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Meet Some of Our Qualified (and Fun!) Teachers

We recruit the most motivated teachers in the field — and train them with the Expath method.

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Alina is happiest when learning and teaching. Making up her own classroom activities, she keeps lessons interesting and ensures students learn what they really need.



Helping students understand the logic behind the grammar rules makes Wekas feel like a superhero. His custom way of teaching keeps classes fun and light.



Veronika loves helping students settle into their new lives by teaching them German. Her classes fly by and students get better at speaking almost without realizing it.



As a non-native speaker, André had to master German himself. He knows what it’s like and picks the right activity for every step of the learning journey.

Not Sure About Your Level?

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German for Regugees

German Starter Kit

Ці курси розроблено для того, щоб допомогти Вам легше зорієнтуватися у житті у Німеччині.

These courses are designed to help you navigate life in Germany with more ease.

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German for Refugees Icon

German for Refugees

Через війну Ви мали покинути Україну і наразі шукаєте можливості почати вивчати німецьку?

Did you have to flee Ukraine due to the war and looking to start learning German?

  • курси онлайн у Zoom та офлайн курси у нашій школі в Берлін Мітте

  • Все, що Вам потрібно, це ручка та бумага, щоб робити нотатки

  • Online Zoom Courses & In-Person Courses in Berlin Mitte

  • All you need is a pen & paper for notes

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The self-study course has been perfect for me. I’m a 70-year-old American woman living in Berlin because my children are here. The teacher is wonderful, so patient, smart, and kind. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and it was EXACTLY what I needed.


Harlene H.

Self-Study German Course

Thank you so much for your self-study German course! I was looking for a way to navigate learning while taking care of a newborn and your course solved this dilemma for me. Boy did I understand things better than I did before!

Moving Abroad? We Also Offer Relocation Services