For the Love of Speaking

Our languages courses are fun — because we specifically select our teachers to be motivating and engaging.

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How We Select and Train Teachers

The right teacher is key to language learning and student satisfaction. That’s why we select and train our teachers to be dynamic and passionate — and understand the experience of being an expat.

Orientation Training

All new recruits — expert and novice alike — undergo a two-day intensive training orientation, designed by Expath co-founder Tia Robinson.

Together they explore the Expath method of leading students in speaking-based lessons with real-life applications. The result? Classes that are both interactive and meaningful.

Professional Development

In our monthly professional development seminar, teachers dive deep into a different topic, learning best practices from our dedicated teacher trainer André.

They also share their own learnings to make sure successes and breakthroughs benefit everyone.


Meet the teachers.



Alina is happiest when learning and teaching. Making up her own classroom activities, she keeps lessons interesting and ensures students learn what they really need.



Helping students understand the logic behind the grammar rules makes Wekas feel like a superhero. His custom way of teaching keeps classes fun and light.



Veronika loves helping students settle into their new lives by teaching them German. Her classes fly by and students get better at speaking almost without realizing it.



Petra loves communication and languages. As a German native speaker who temporarily lives abroad, she knows exactly what it takes to learn a new language in a new country.

The self-study course has been perfect for me. I’m a 70-year-old American woman living in Berlin because my children are here. The teacher is wonderful, so patient, smart, and kind. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and it was EXACTLY what I needed.


Harlene H.

Self-Study German Course

I liked my teacher a lot! Studying with Expath has been a great experience: Educational, inspiring, and motivating. I can’t wait to start my next course.

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