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Help your Employees Master German

Get Expath’s highly-rated language courses for your staff — at your office or remotely.

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How it Works

When you hire international talent, making sure they can navigate their new country is the best way to ensure long-term retention. Our German courses are designed to get your employees speaking — and feel more at home in Germany.


Language Learning As a Perk

Independent Employees

When employees can communicate in everyday situations, their lives become more manageable. As do the lives of your HR managers, who no longer have to field requests from employees about mysterious letters they get in the mail or needing to make a doctor’s appointment.

Higher Retention

Fluency in the language of one’s country of residence allows employees to interact more fully with their environment, break out of the expat bubble, and put down roots — so you can keep your best talent.

Greater Perspective

Language skills expand your employees’ intercultural abilities, helping them see the world in another’s shoes and think in new ways — opening them up to new approaches to problem solving.

Group Courses

Let your employees learn in small groups. Our teachers put their focus on speaking and interacting.

  1. 90 min classes

  2. Small groups (max. 8)

  3. Held remotely during the pandemic

One-to-one Courses

Give your employees maximum flexbility, speaking time, and attention with their private teacher.

  1. 90 min classes

  2. Employees can take the course together with their partner

  3. Held via Zoom during the pandemic

We have been working with the Expath team for years. The communication and organization are great, the teachers very good. We get only positive feedback from our employees and are happy to have found such a great partner in Expath.


Claudia S.

People Operations Manager

A great employee experience is key to us as the People Team, which is why we have partnered up with Expath back in 2014 to offer German language classes in our headquarters in Berlin. We have received great feedback about the teachers at Expath, which is one of the main reasons why the classes are so popular among our employees!


Meet Some of Our Qualified (and Fun!) Teachers

We recruit the most motivated teachers in the field — and train them with the Expath method.

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Alina is happiest when learning and teaching. Making up her own classroom activities, she keeps lessons interesting and ensures students learn what they really need.



Helping students understand the logic behind the grammar rules makes Wekas feel like a superhero. His custom way of teaching keeps classes fun and light.



Veronika loves helping students settle into their new lives by teaching them German. Her classes fly by and students get better at speaking almost without realizing it.



As a non-native speaker, André had to master German himself. He knows what it’s like and picks the right activity for every step of the learning journey.

Questions About Our Courses and How We Can Tweak Them for You?