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Faster Results With a Personal Teacher

One-to-one courses are tailored perfectly to your needs.

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A great option for people with an erratic schedule and little time on their hands. The course content is chosen based on your current level, needs and preferences. Scheduling is also up to you, although we recommend meeting twice a week with your teacher to ensure steady progress.

Practical Note

Most of the classes are taking place via Zoom, with all course times listed in Berlin's time zone. However, we can offer in-person courses as well — just let us know your preference.


With even more speaking time than in our group classes, one-to-one courses work best if you're trying to pick up German as quickly as possible.


One-to-one classes can be completely adapted towards your needs and allow for personalized attention and flexible re-scheduling.


The best part: You can bring your partner or a friend and split the price!

Course Types

Beginner Crash Course

Complete level A1.1 at your own pace, and benefit from individualized attention and error correction from your teacher. 

  • 10 x 90 minutes

  • €800 (VAT-exempt; price does not include coursebook)

Level Course

Get the most out of your German learning and complete a higher level (e.g. A1.2 or B1.2) in less time and with much more speaking.

  • 16 x 90 minutes 

  • €1280 (VAT-exempt; price does not include coursebook)

Focused Conversation

Advanced students benefit from this completely customized skills-based program. Conversation? Specific topics? Grammar refresher? This is it.

  • 5 x 90 minutes

  • €476 (19% VAT incl.)

Money-Back Guarantee

Something came up? No worries — should you at any point decide to discontinue classes, we will refund you the fee for all remaining lessons.

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