How to Say You‘re Cutting the Line in German

by Expath Language School

Yes, it's naughty to jump the queue, but we've all done it at some point.

Sich Vordrängeln

Random German Word of the Day: sich vordrängeln.

This German verb means nothing less than “to cut in line” (Am. Eng.) or “to jump the queue” (Br. Eng.)

Bonus Word

On a related note, the abovementioned “line” or “queue” is actually called die Schlange (literally “snake”) in German.

To stand in line / to queue is Schlange stehen.


Er drängelt sich immer vor! He’s always cutting in line.

Hey, kein vordrängeln! Hey, no cutting!

Ich habe mich in der Schlange vorgedrängelt! I cut in line.

Im Zoo gab es vor dem Schlangenkäfig eine lange Schlange. In the zoo there was a long queue in front of the snake cage.

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