How to Say Decision in German

by Expath Language School

You don‘t make or take or reach a decision in German. You hit it.


Entscheidung — This word means “decision” and, interestingly, in German a decision isn’t “reached” or “made” or “arrived at”, but rather it is “hit” in the sense of hitting a target (treffen). The verb, incidentally, is entscheiden (to decide), and requires the reflexive sich, mich, dich, etc.


Ich treffe große Entscheidungen. I make big decisions.

Haben wir eine Entscheidung getroffen? Have we reached a decision?

Er hat die Entscheidung getroffen zu gehen. He’s made the decision to go.

(vb.) Ich habe mich entschieden. I’ve decided.

(vb.) Hast du dich schon entschieden? Have you decided yet?

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