How to Say Practice in German

by Expath Language School

The English word “practice” can mean either applying something in real life, or repeating an activity in an effort to improve or gain skill. The German words for each definition are different.

Praxis (f.)

Praxis (f.)

This word refers to ideas, theories or thoughts that are applied and implemented in reality.

The corresponding verb is praktizieren. It can be used for practicing medicine or being a practicing member of a religion as well.

Übung (f.)

Übung (f.)

This word refers to the act of exercising, training or rehearsing in order to perform better. So, you can use it when talking about sports, school, or a hobby/talent.

The verb is üben.


Er übt auf dem Klavier. – He’s practicing on the piano.
Wir üben singen. – We’re practicing singing.
Ich will Deutsch üben. – I want to practice German.
Die Matheübung war schwer. – The math exercise was difficult.
Sie ist eine praktizierende Neurologin. – She’s a practicing neurologist.
Ich bin ein praktizierender Christ. – I’m a practicing Christian.
In der Praxis funktioniert die Idee nicht. – The idea does not work in practice.
Übung macht den Meister. – Practice makes perfect. (literally, “practice makes the master.”)

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