How to Say Relax in German

by Expath Language School

Let‘s talk: After a long day of work, how do you relax? Tell us in German.


Although it’s becoming increasingly common for younger people to use the word relaxen (although this is typically greeted with a frown of disapproval by older people, similar to chillen), the proper German word for “to relax” is entspannen, used with the reflexive sich/mich/dich, etc.

Additionally, the (also reflexive) erholen is used to express “to relax” in the sense of recovering (perhaps after a rough week at the office).

The nouns are Entspannung (f.) and Erholung (f.).


Ich entspanne mich am Wochenende. I am relaxing on the weekend.

Nach dieser Woche müssen wir uns mal so richtig entspannen. After this week we’ve really got to relax.

Ich erhole mich beim Pool. I’m relaxing/recuperating at the pool.

Er erholt sich von seinem Arbeitsstress. He’s recovering from his work stress.

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