How to Say Vote in German

by Expath Language School

Almost as important as casting your vote is knowing how to say it.

Main Words to Know

The German word for “to vote” is wählen, which also means “to choose”.

The word for “election”, however, is Wahl (f.) not to be confused with the sound-alike Wal (m.) which means “whale”.

The word for one’s “vote” is Stimme (f.), which also means “voice”. This is where the English word “vote” comes from.


Heute findet die Wahl statt. The election is happening today.
Du hast die Wahl. You have the choice.
Du must heute wählen. You have to choose/vote today.
Ich stimme für den Kandidaten A. I am voting for candidate A.
Ich habe meine Stimme abgegeben. I handed in my vote.
Ich stimme gegen ihn. I am voting against him.
Sie hat die Wahl gewonnen/verloren. She won/lost the election.

More Useful Words

The German word for “vote rigging” is Stimmenkauf (m.).

To be “entitled to vote” is wahlberechtigt.

A “dissenting vote” is Gegenstimme.

The “right to vote” is Stimmrecht (n.).

Note: The German word abstimmen is used when people vote on a matter in order to come to a decision or to an agreement:

Wir haben über den Antrag abgestimmt. We have voted on the proposal.

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