How to Say You're Exhausted in German

by Expath Language School

Tired of using the same word for tired in German?

The Basic Formula

The German language has many colorful ways of expressing that one has reached the point of near-collapse from exhaustion. To make sentences expressing this, just fill in the blanks!

Ich bin komplett/total/völlig/absolut (Adjektiv).

I am completely/totally/entirely/absolutely (adjective).

Creative Adjectives

erschöpft exhausted
fertig finished
am Ende at the end
im Eimer in the bucket
k.o. knocked out
fix und fertig finished
kaputt broken
hundemüde dog tired
totmüde dead tired
ausgepumpt pumped out
alle empty
erledigt finished

Put it Together

Ich bin komplett hundemüde. I am completely dog tired.

Ich bin absolut alle. I am absolutely empty.

Ich bin total fix und fertig. I am totally finished.

Give it a try!


In less extreme cases (or if you're just too exhausted to think of something more compelling), the word müde (tired) will usually do just fine!

Ich bin müde. I am tired.

Now go get some rest.

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