How to Talk About Bad Weather in German

by Expath Language School

Germans absolutely LOVE talking and complaining about the weather, so it’s useful to know all the words in the “un-weather” family.


Random German Word of the Day: Unwetter. This German word literally translates as “un-weather” and is used to refer to any type of severe weather. These words come in handy not only when you're reading about the weather forecast, but also for making small talk with your German colleagues! Good luck!


Gewitter. Thunderstorm

Sturm. Storm

Orkan. Hurricane

Starkregen. Heavy rain

Dauerregen. Incessant rain

Glatteis. Black ice

Schneefall. Snowfall

Tauwetter. Thaw period

Hagel (schlag). Hail

Nebel. Fog

Hitzewelle. Heatwave

Sandsturm. sandstorm

Wirbelsturm. Cyclone, whirlwind, tornado

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