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by Expath Global Mobility

A healthy work-life balance is good for business. Expath’s school search service can help your new hires make the best choices for their family and be more effective on the job.

Parents Choose Germany for Safety and Stability

Many professionals moving to Germany are bringing their families with them. For new hires with school-age children, finding the right school is one of the most important and potentially complicated aspects of moving abroad. Having help getting the family settled can improve employees’ stress levels, productivity, and long-term commitment to their new role.

Germany’s reputation as a safe country with excellent childcare, parental support, and education is backed by a top ranking in a number of international studies. Germany placed seventh in Enjoy Travel’s 2023 “Best Country to Raise a Family” study, and the 2023 KidsRights Index rated Germany fifth of 193 countries worldwide. Not surprisingly, Germany is an attractive destination for talented professionals who have children or are planning on starting a family.

Perhaps the main difficulty expat families encounter is Germany’s infamously complicated bureaucracy. This, and the lack of digitization are two factors contributing to the low score the country earned in the 2023 ExpatInsider “Ease Of Settling In Index” (50th of 53). Relocation with school-age children involves uprooting lives, adjusting to new surroundings, and managing the emotions of the entire family. For new hires who don’t speak German, handling everything could feel overwhelming without local support.

We are dedicated to helping families settle in Germany and we offer relocation support and language courses to expats moving here.

Relocation Support for the School Search

Language barriers, a new culture, and an unfamiliar education system can be difficult for parents to navigate without relocation support. And starting school in a new country is challenging for children of any age. A child’s success and happiness in a new school will have a direct impact on their parents’ ability to create a structured daily routine for the family while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. An experienced relocation coach will help families attain this, by informing the parents of their options and guiding them in making the best choices for their children.

Although Germany’s school system is well-respected globally, there are so many different options available for parents to choose from that it can be confusing. There is no single best school in any German city; instead, there are most likely a few schools that best meet the child’s and the family’s individual needs.

There are many important things to consider when choosing a school, such as admission criteria, location, whether it’s important that the child learns German, or if an international curriculum is better in case the family relocates again. There are also variations within each type of school, ranging from hours of instruction to after-school activities and support for children with special needs. The school search can also influence where the family will look for a flat and how long the commute to school might be. It’s crucial that parents are aware of these different options early so that they can start thinking about their top priorities even before they arrive in Germany.

School search support will help parents plan their relocation and minimize disruption to their children’s education. Being informed about application deadlines, procedures, and potential waiting lists in advance of their departure is essential to ensuring a smooth transition. If the family is planning a long-term or permanent relocation to Germany, the parents may want their children to attend German public school. Which public school the children may go to is determined by the neighborhood they live in, so parents will need to check out the local schools at the same time as they’re searching for a flat.

This is a lot for parents to deal with all at once; relocation support has been shown to consistently reduce new hires’ stress levels and help them be more effective at work, especially in the first few weeks after arriving.

Providing a safe and stable environment for their children is a parent’s top priority. With the family settled, and the children enjoying and doing well in school, the stage is set for the new talent to become more emotionally and professionally invested in the success and growth of the company.

Expath has over 10 years of experience relocating families to Germany.

Let us help your new talent make informed choices for their children — book a free consultation now.

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