Why Do Germans Let the Female Pig Out?

by Expath Language School

Ready for your random German expression of the day?

The Phrase

Die Sau rauslassen.

This German expression literally translates as “to let the sow (female pig) out”.

Depending on who you are, it can be translated in a few ways:

“to whoop it up”

“to let one’s hair down”

“to let it all hang out”

“to get loose”

“to bounce until one drops”

“to paint the town red”

Essentially, it means to party without abandon.


Keeping in mind that rauslassen is a seperable verb, here are a few ways to use this expression:

Bei der Party heute lassen sie so richtig die Sau raus. Today they’ll really go crazy at the party.

Da haben sie echt richtig die Sau rausgelassen. They really did go all out.

Ich habe richtig Bock, mal wieder die Sau rauszulassen. I am so here for letting of some steam.

Take Note

Be aware that this is a colloquial expression which carries with it a slight connotation of making a public nuisance of oneself… much in the same way a loose pig would.

So, use it wisely, and have fun!

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