How to Say Education in German

by Expath Language School

There are two main words to discuss education in German: one general and one specific.

Bildung (f.)

Although there is significant overlap, the word Bildung is used more commonly in the sense of personal development and becoming a well-rounded and intellectually mature person (eine gebildete Person, not to be confused with eine eingebildete Person, which means “a conceited person”).

The word is related to bilden, meaning “to form”.

Ausbildung (f.)

The word Ausbildung refers to education for a more specific purpose (such as attaining a degree or diploma).

Berufsausbildung (vocational training) is specifically geared towards imparting practical skills that can be used at the workplace.

Common Headers on a German CV, or Lebenslauf (m.)

Ausbildung or Schulbildung for elementary and secondary education
Berufsausbildung for vocational or professional training
Studium for academic studies
Weiterbildung or Fortbildung for further or continued education

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