Join an Expath German course at Wayfair!

We're proud to provide German courses for all Wayfair employees. We offer a wide spectrum of levels which you can join online – via Zoom.

Looking forward to see you in class soon!

Step One

Take The Placement Test

Take our online placement test to
determine the right course level for you.

Step Two

Pick Your Course

Found out your German level? Now let's book a course that works for you. For absolute beginners, the reccomended level is A1.1.

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Special German Courses

You'd like to form an exclusive course with your Wayfair colleagues? We‘d love to organize that for you!

Form a group of 8-10 colleagues at the same level (take our placement test if you're unsure), and get in touch. We'll take care of the rest.


Terms and Conditions

These German courses are self-paid and are organized as a collaboration between you (Wayfair employees) and Expath as the language course provider.

Please be sure to read Expath's full Terms and Conditions here and note the following:

  • Refunds can only be issued up to 72 hours after the first lesson of the course. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

  • Should your group need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you must let your teacher know (in writing) by 2pm on the previous work day. Otherwise the lesson units will not be made up.

  • The minimum class size needs to be 8 people. Once 8 people have registered, we will organize your teacher and get in touch about scheduling (which may take up to two weeks). The maximum allowed class size is 12 people.

  • Once 8 people have registered, a "class representative" must be selected from among you in order to streamline communication between Expath, your teacher, and your group.

  • As of July 2022, the course price per student is 240 EUR (for A1.1 level it is 150 EUR). A1.1 courses consist of 15 sessions of 90 minutes, and all other (higher) levels consist of 24 sessions of 90 minutes.

  • After course completion, Expath will issue you a Letter of Attendance (if you attended at least 70% of the lessons). You will need this for your reimbursement.


Got Something to Tell Us?

If you have questions or suggestion for us, feel free to get in touch.